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Authentic Movement is an inner-directed transformative movement process that supports participants in exploring the hidden realms of memories, beliefs, emotions, and sensations that lie outside of conscious awareness. The practice supports expression of movement and emotion through exploration of inner impulses, movement, art, reflection, mindfulness, and witnessing.


Based on principles from dance therapy and Carl Jung's depth-oriented practice Active Imagination, Authentic Movement allows participants to explore their relationship to the subconscious imaginal realm, sacred space, the unseen, being seen, self-healing, and one's inner observing mind.

This introductory course will meet over the course of four consecutive weeks and is open to movers of all levels. Participants learn the basic practice and ritual of Authentic Movement. Group members can expect to listen, share, move, journal or make art, and process with the group. The facilitator will provide reflections when invited by participants. 

The practice of Authentic Movement supports deeply personal healing in a nurturing space and supports play, revitalization, and reconnection with self and others.

Group sessions are safe, inclusive, and offer a place for members to explore emotions and physical sensations in a supportive environment. By incorporating movement, processing, and ritualized practice, Authentic Movement facilitates personal growth and improved relationship dynamics.

This course is limited to four participants for a contained and intimate experience.

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This is For You if...

  • You are looking for ways to move beyond pain, anxiety, or stress
  • You are recovering from injury and learning to trust your body again
  • You are seeking gentle ways to be in your body 
  • You are a creative, musician, artist, musician, or dancer who wants to deepen embodiment of self
  • You’re looking for a grounding mindful movement based practice
  • You are seeking growth in intimate community
  • You crave depth or want to explore shadow material and subconscious realms of experience
  • You’re a therapist, healer, or mind/body practitioner looking to deepen your personal practice and self-awareness


Benefits include

  • Experience peace and pleasure
  • Awaken creativity
  • Explore body-mind-spirit axis
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Decrease self-judgment
  • Connect with innate, collective, and spiritual wisdom
  • Access spontaneity and authenticity
  • Learn to move with curiosity and pleasure
  • Reduce tension and stress
  • Increase self-love and self-acceptance of your body
  • Deepen mindfulness
  • Expand your nervous system capacity


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