Over online dating?
Afraid to say "no" or walk away?
Tired of the same patterns repeating themselves?
Having a hard time connecting with others?
Having trouble finding "the one?"


Metta-Date is a place to learn compassionate and heart-based mindfulness to help us open our hearts and relate less reactively, more authentically, more generously, more kindly, and more consciously in both dating and relating.


LIVE Online 10-week course 
with Lovewell Relationship Coach
Drew Anne Wolfson

Group classes are 90 minutes per week for 10 weeks


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Mettā /ˈmɛtə/

1. (From Pali language) Means benevolence, loving-kindness, friendliness, amity, good will, and active interest in others
2. (in Theravada Buddhism) meditation focused on the development of unconditional love for all beings.
 This course is for singles looking to deepen the qualities of kindness, compassion, and love in their relationships.  Online dating has led to the destruction of old ways of dating, and a lack of skills and tools to communicate kindly and effectively with new people. This has led to an epidemic of dating drama, trauma, disillusionment, ghosting, loneliness, and dating-related anxiety and depression. This course teaches participants to cultivate compassion, goodwill, authenticity, emotional self-awareness, intimacy, and mindful communication through practices, tools, and skill-building.  The group format encourages practicing these skills within the course and building a community based on shared values of mutuality, kindness, and respect. The techniques and practices learned in the course can be applied to dating, romantic partnerships, friendships and even business partnerships or coworkers.  

​Each week, the course will cover a particular topic and provide meditations, interactive exercises, and tools to enhance your reflection, understanding, and integration. You will have a chance to socialize and practice within the context of the group. Themes include mindful communication, intention, emotions and attunement, self-compassion, self-soothing, and more!

Why Metta? 
Research has shown that the act of giving (even just sending goodwill) and intention of kindness activates our pleasure centers, increases feelings of well-being, increases happiness, Increases our resilience and ability to self-soothe in relationship, increases feelings of connection and motivation, reduces anxiety, improves immune system function, and decreases self-criticism. Class supports Metta (lovingkindness) practice as well as the cultivation of other related qualities such as compassion, self-compassion, equanimity, gratitude, affection, and joy. 

Why Now? 
COVID-19, natural disasters, political tension, racial tension, and social tension have an undoubtable impact on our feelings of fear and anxiety and consequently, dating and relationships. Mindfulness helps us notice our emotions, while Metta skills and practice allow us to address our fear, tend to our basic needs for caregiving, nurturing, and tending to our fear in the kind way that we would attend to that of a friend or loved one. Cultivating kindness through these practices helps us keep our hearts open to others, make wiser and more compassionate choices and actions in the face of stress, and feel more connected and less alone.

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Group classes are mixed gender.

Metta Date offers immediate support and helps you determine whether longer-term support would be helpful.

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