Corporate Mindfulness Sessions


Mindfulness is the art of cultivating the moment-to-moment awareness of our mind, body, and emotions, and has been scientifically shown to increase immunity, focus and attention, emotional regulation, overall feelings of health and well-being, and to improve sleep.

In the workplace, daily mindfulness is an antidote to stress and increases productivity, focus, creativity, and workplace satisfaction. Professionals with a daily meditation practice demonstrate decreased stress levels and are able to contribute to a more collaborative and productive workplace. 

Employees who meditate are also less likely to become sick or contribute to absenteeism due to sickness since meditation increases immune response. These employees express more job satisfaction and are less likely to be part of employee turnover. Happier employees express feeling more valued and connected to their company, leading to increased profits and productivity, a win-win for companies and employees. 

Our Lovewell clinicians have offered mindfulness in tech companies, financial offices, law firms, sales organizations, wellness centers, and more. 

Regular mindfulness offerings are a great and quick way to create ease and promote stress reduction in your workplace!


Mindfulness classes and Workshops

Our board-certified wellness coach and licensed clinicians offer in-person and virtual workshops tailored to your organizational needs. From mindfulness for stress management and focus to introductory mindfulness courses that include topics like mindful values, relationships, nutrition, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer. Ask about our signature 10-week Compassion Course to bring more mindfulness, emotional resilience, and compassion to your workplace.  


Company Sponsored one-on-one Coaching 

We offer customized one-on-one session packages for employees needing support from one of our licensed clinicians or board-certified coaches. Mindfulness-focused sessions can target behavioral and relationship issues, wellness support, stress-reduction techniques, and more. Employees may enjoy company-sponsored sessions as benefits or choose to use their wellness budget on 1:1 coaching sessions. Personal sessions are our most customized workplace offering. 

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