Wellness Coaching

Lovewell offers health and wellness coaching with our National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Drew Anne Wolfson, MA, NBC-HWC.

What do health & wellness coaches do?

Health & wellness coaches partner with you to enhance their well-being through self-directed and lasting changes that aligned with your values. Lovewell Wellness Coaching is characterized by non-judgment, unconditional honoring and positive regard for you and your journey, and a strong belief in the capacity for personal transformation.

Lovewell coaches offer a deep, personalized, mindful, and practical support to identify your blocks to greater harmony, The coach also offers relationship group therapy. wellness help you create and follow through on action plans to support your values and intentions. Your coach will do an assessment, provide reflections, and collaborate with you to create a customized path towards your specific goals. Coaching differs from therapy in that you are moving towards actualization, not treating mental illness, and you are considered the expert on you in the room!  


Our coaches will assess strength and challenge areas, and collaborate with you to develop a strategy and customized plan to address your unique needs. In a coaching session, you may cover: 
  • Assess strengths and challenges on your wellness journey
  • Exercises for clarification of your intentions
  • Self-care tips, guidance, support, and tools
  • Mindfulness exercises to support your intentions
  • Guided visualizations targeted at your values
  • Embodiment practices​​
  • Tools to uncover, clarify, and refine your values
  • Communication skills 
  • Navigating transitions successfully
  • Uncovering the difference between avoidance and healthy boundaries
  • Collaborative action plans 


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