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According to the World Population Review, about 50% of married couples in the United States get divorced, which is the sixth highest divorce rate in the world. The same set of statistics suggest that second marriages have a higher divorce rate at around 60% and third marriages tend to have a rate of 73%. While couples therapy can’t always magically save a marriage, it can help many couples either stay together or separate more amicably. Furthermore, the sooner couples seek couples counseling, the better the results tend to be.

This is because divorce counseling can help improve communication, general well-being of each individual and the health of a couple, and create a better likelihood of the amicability of a divorce. The learnings and takeaways from couples therapy can also help lead to better relationship skills and improved future relationships, meaning that future relationships may be less likely to end in divorce.

pre divorce counseling

At Lovewell, we help couples who are considering marriage separation and divorce by providing both divorce and pre-divorce counseling. We also provide family therapy for divorce and individual therapy for divorce for those in the early stages of considering divorce or separation as well as post-divorce for individuals who need divorce recovery therapy and support. In addition to therapy for divorce, our coaches provide professional divorce coaching and online divorce support. 

People who have recently divorced, are in the process of recently divorcing, or are thinking about divorcing can benefit from counseling. Divorce counseling objectives often include offering support, lessening isolation, navigating grief and breaking up, and aiding in current or potential future romantic relationships.

Due to stigma or fear around mental health treatment or exposing the flaws in their relationship, many couples and individuals may wait until it is too late to seek counseling and therapy, but the earlier services are sought, the less likely serious mental health treatment and problems are to arise. Rest assured, Lovewell's divorce coaching and therapy services are helpful for general support and maintenance of both couple member's mental health and well-being, even if they decide during or after counseling that it is still necessary to part ways. A few of the most common reasons people seek out some of Lovewell's divorce services include: 

  • Infidelity
  • Lack of connection and intimacy in the relationship
  • Individuals growing apart
  • Relationship conflicts
  • The sense that “things could be better” 
  • Depression in one or both partners
  • Feeling stuck in the relationship
  • Controlling or “toxic” behaviors, including lying, lack of understanding, not listening, and deflecting accountability
  • One or both partners' unwillingness to change
  • A sense of disconnection
  • Life transitions, i.e. illness in the family or couple, caring for aging parents, death of a loved one, children graduating
  • Making a decision about whether and how to move forward with their relationship
  • Lifestyle differences
  • Support for children and extended members of the family
  • Wanting support making decisions around the process and separating amicably even when clear that a divorce is best for both parties  

Relationships change over their life span and our life span, and the tools we need to navigate these transitions change as we grow and develop. Therapy and counseling can provide us with coping skills, tools, language, skills, and frameworks to help move through these changes with less turbulence, and more grace and ease. Therapy provides a safe, supportive container to explore our needs, the needs of our relationships, and to make necessary values-based changes in our relationships. 

A few of the tools or skills you could anticipate learning in divorce coaching and counseling may include:

  • Uncovering your values
  • Mindfulness-based interventions for emotion regulation
  • Emotion regulation skills and tools
  • Assertive communication skills 
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Developing body-awareness
  • Listening skills
  • Developing deeper emotional awareness
  • Mindful Self-Compassion
  • Taking accountability
  • Apologizing

Most of the couples and individuals we work with at Lovewell are high achievers who want to optimize their lives and relationships and thrive on learning new skills and tools for optimal functioning. They tend to have high standards for themselves, to value their mental health and well being, and to see their relationships as important aspects of their lives.Many have high sensitivity or empathic tendencies, while others tend to struggle a bit with emotions even as they have solid relationships and tend to excel in most other areas of their lives.

Our clinicians understand these unique needs, values, and goals, and support our clients in finding authentic, conscientious paths forward towards a life that is in alignment with our clients' visions.  

If any part of the above description resonates with you but you are hesitating to take the next step, feel free to set up an initial consultation call to see if working together could be a fit. Many people find it clarifying to speak directly to our team, hear about our approach, and ask any lingering questions.

If you are imminently considering a divorce or separation and feel that some support could help, but don't know where to start, we at Lovewell would love to guide you on your path or make a referral to the appropriate team or person to do so. All of our clinicians are licensed in their area of expertise and specialize in mindful and integrative relationship support. Feel free to contact us and we can match you with one of our providers based on your needs.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you in whatever way we can be of service!

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