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Individual Therapy for Adults and Young Professionals

People often believe personal therapy is something you do when there is an identifiable problem. Here at Lovewell, we treat therapy as an enjoyable, supportive, and preventive wellness treatment that ensures optimal functioning and better mental health. 

People often come to us not because something is desperately wrong, but because they have the sense that something is not quite right in their life or know their lives could be better in some way - more fulfilling, more connected or supportive, more intimate, or more inspired. Often they sense their relationship could be better, they could use more support with parenting, or feel that they are not happy in their job, or they want to explore new aspects of themselves or their career path. Sometimes they may have thoughts of wanting to move, quit, leave a relationship, escape, or start over, but recognize that these thoughts need more support or may be pointing to a deeper need that is calling their attention. 

Many of our client's feel alone or unsuccessful in some way even though their life may look successful and happy to any outside observer.

Lovewell's expert therapists blend practical tools and evidence-based modalities with grounded and supportive listening and encouragement. 


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Our therapists teach skills, tools, and techniques to help you uplevel all aspects of your life - dating, relationships, work, health, or family.

Lovewell therapists use modalities such as Mindful-Self Compassion, mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Somatic therapies, Eugene Gendlin's Focusing, Gottman Method, and Emotional Freedom Technique. These techniques have been empirically shown to provide results ranging from reduced stress to increased levels of happiness and well-being, and are incorporated at different times into therapy depending on the needs and goals of the therapy.

Lovewell clinicians are unique in their ability to be warm, compassionate, and supportive, while also providing practical tools, direct feedback, and tangible support. This may include not only incisive questions and reflections but also handouts, worksheets, and supportive resources.

Therapy generally takes place on a weekly basis at the same time each week for 50 minutes at a time, so you can fit a session into your lunch hour or work day or before heading off to evening plans. This allows for a certain amount of depth to be achieved in each session and ensures the ongoing unfolding and practice of the transformational work that can happen in the virtual therapy room. If you're a seasoned therapy veteran or new to therapy, set up an initial call with our intake coordinator to discuss your concerns and learn about how the Lovewell approach to therapy works. 

Areas of expertise include:‚Äč
  • online individual counseling
  • virtual relationship counseling
  • online pre-marital counseling
  • divorce
  • dating
  • men's issues
  • women's issues
  • body-image
  • grief & loss‚Äč
  • existential crises
  • life transitions‚Äč‚Äč
  • spiritual exploration
  • recovery from addiction
  • ED recovery
  • disordered eating
  • chronic pain
  • chronic stress
  • low self-esteem
  • career change‚Äčs
  • workplace distress
  • social anxiety


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