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Lovewell offers customized online dating and relationship coaching services for men and women. 

Lovewell mindful dating coaches offer deep, personalized, and practical support to help you identify, challenge, and overcome your dating blocks. Together with your dating coach, you will not only identify blocks, but create action plans designed to shift your mindset and transform old dating patterns. Your dating coach will do an assessment, provide insightful and incisive reflections, and support you wholeheartedly as you create a customized path towards your specific goals and intentions.

Lovewell's unique approach to dating coaching is team-oriented and collaborative, meaning that your coach works closely with a team of other professionals (while maintaining your confidentiality) to ensure that, as your dating coach, they are providing optimal tools and the highest quality care. The Lovewell dating and relationship coaching approach is process-oriented, meaning that we focus on making the process better, rather than short cuts and games.  Our dating and relationship coaching services are geared towards highly sensitive people, perfectionists, and high-achieving professionals who are seeking deeper intimacy and personal transformation in their dating and relationships.  Our clients tend to feel a sense of optimism when they finally find Lovewell and recognize how support and camaraderie can make the online dating process more enjoyable. Most clients are also relieved to hear that there are clear learnable skills that can make dating to get into a longterm relationship easier. 

Dating coaching differs from therapy in that you come in each week with a focus for your coach, and you engage in collaborative inquiry together. Unlike therapy, your coaching sessions will not address mental health issues like anxiety and depression directly. Instead you will acquire tools, techniques, thought processes, meditations, resources, and skills that will move you towards your goals and intentions.  Your dating coach will guide you with thought-provoking questions, tips, supportive feedback, and honest reflections.   

Dating coaching is your own personal path to awakening. Our dating coaches are also trained in wellness coaching, life coaching, and relationship coaching, and weave these areas of expertise into helping you navigate online dating, lending a holistic and thorough lens to their tas of helping you transform your love life. ​​

Our online dating and relationship coaching will assess strength and challenge areas. Our dating and relationship coaches will collaborate with you to develop a strategy and customized plan to address your unique needs. An online dating coaching session may include: 
  • Assessment of strengths and challenges
  • Heart-opening exercises
  • Turning expectations into standards 
  • Reframing the dating process
  • Mindfulness practices applied to dating
  • Learning how YOU are a catch
  • Tools to uncover your values
  • Communication skills (flirting skills, how and when to be assertive)
  • Navigating a breakup successfully
  • Deciphering when to turn towards a relationship and when to let go
  • Uncovering the difference between avoidance and healthy boundaries
  • Action plans for meeting new people
  • Online dating profile creation, auditing, and editing 
  • Online dating text and chat reviews
  • What to do and not to do on a first date 
  • Navigating the second, third, and fourth date
  • Conversation skills to deepen a relationship


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