Prepare-Enrich Premarital Counseling

The Prepare-Enrich assessment is effective in increasing communication, intimacy, and connection at any stage of a committed relationship. It can improve relationship quality, understanding of your partner and yourself, and serve as a preventative measure that helps build a strong foundation that can weather problems when they arise.

For each session, you can expect:

  • A check-in about your homework experience and any questions or reflections that have arisen
  • Specific feedback from about your strengths (agreement items) and potential issues (disagreement, indecision, and special focus items).
  • Guided in-session exploration of exercises from the Workbook for Couples
  • Homework from the Workbook for Couples 


Sample Topics:

Strength & Growth Areas
Relationship Dynamics
Personal Stress Profile 
Conflict Resolution
Financial Management
Relationship Roles
Sex and Affection
Leisure Activities
Children and Parenting
Spiritual Beliefs


Sample Skills:

Assertiveness & Active Listening
Balancing priorities
Managing stress
Resolving conflict
Stress management
Managing finances and budgeting
Expression of intimacy
Sharing roles
Noticing + shifting family patterns
Managing wedding expectations
Understanding + accepting your and your partner's personality

About the assessment, according to

The assessment is: 
A momentary snapshot of your relationship
A catalyst for discussion between you and your partner
Proven to lower your risk of divorce
An accurate, research-based report of your relationship strength and growth areas
A valid and reliable source of relationship enrichment
A reflection of what your relationship historically has been or will be in the future

The assessment is not: 
A compatibility report or a test you can pass or fail
A guarantee for a successful relationship
A measure that indicates you should break up or get married 

The Prepare Enrich Workbook for Couples contains 24 feedback exercises covering 12-14 relationship categories.


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