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Lovewell is a healing and wellness center with a mission to bring the best relationship and mindfulness resources to you in a supportive, inclusive, diverse, community environment. We offer a comprehensive range of services aimed at helping you improve your relationships by addressing issues such as communication, commitment, sexuality, infidelity, nervous system regulation, and healthy conflict. Whether single, dating, engaged, married, or divorced, we can help.

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Tried Everything For Your Relationship? Feel stuck in cyclical patterns? 

Rest assured, Lovewell experts can help.

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Research shows that the quality of our relationships impacts our health and happiness far more than simply having a relationship.


At Lovewell, we believe overall wellness and mindfulness are integral parts of the journey to improving the health of our relationships. We offer a comprehensive range of services to support our clients' interests and lifestyles.

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Founded by Lauren Korshak, MFT, we are a group of wellness practitioners with a focus on mindful relationships.

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From counseling appointments to classes to referrals, we offer a comprehensive range of services.


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Connection is the first step towards improving relationships. 
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What Others Have To Say...

I'm grateful for Lauren. All that she offers is not only fad relationship work but is at the heart of what's going wrong with us. She can help facilitate you to a better place, whether you need to fix things or to better prepare for the unknown future of a relationship. You don't need to have issues to see Lauren, optimizing life now is just as important. To have such a gentle, special soul like Lauren to guide you is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself.

Chris C.
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