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Acupuncture is an ideal preventative treatment, and at Lovewell, we are all about optimal wellness and preventative medicine. 

Acupuncture is useful in treating a number of medical conditions, but works best when you treat the symptoms as soon as possible - sometimes even before they arise. 

At Lovewell, we offer acupuncture in combination with therapy, and also offer couples acupuncture for those looking to relax more deeply together. 

Acupuncture can be for you if: 

  • You have chronic pain or medical conditions that you would like additional support for
  • You want to maintain optimal health and wellness and take preventative measures to do so
  • You'd like to support your body and mind in unwinding from cyclical patterns of tension, distress, or frustration
  • You want help or support relaxing 
  • You have chronic patterns of stress or tension
  • You have difficulty sleeping
  • You have skin, digestive, or other issues that haven't responded to traditional treatments 


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