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Couples Therapist, San Francisco

Couples therapy is a type of psychotherapy that focuses on how two individuals that are dating, married, or in an exclusive partnership relate to each other. Couples therapy can help couples identify patterns and behaviors in their relationship that may be causing problems for each individual and the couple, as well as help each individual understand the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in themselves and their partner that lead to particular problematic dynamics or cyclical patterns. 


Why Do Couples Put Off Seeing a Therapist?

Couples therapy is often seen as a final resort before a breakup. Because of the stigma that seeking mental health treatment means there is a major problem or impending breakup, couples may delay seeking the support that would help deepen and strengthen their relationship. The belief that therapy is only for people with severe problems is a common limiting belief that prevents couples from seeking out online sessions with some of the best couples therapists in San Francisco

Often couples believe that relationships will mend themselves or “heal with time.” They may have received well-meaning but incorrect advice from relatives or friends who are hesitant to attend marriage counseling themselves. Or, occasionally, one partner in a relationship will not consent to counseling out of concern that they will "be targeted," learn things about themselves they don’t want to hear, be shamed or made to feel bad, or that they will be labeled as "the problem."


Misconceptions about Couples Therapy 

As mentioned above, couples may delay seeking help early on due to misconceptions about couples therapy and how it works.

Couples therapy is only for serious relationship problems

Some individuals might believe that couples counseling is only appropriate for serious relationship problems, such as infidelity or addiction. However, couples therapy is just as effective and powerful when addressing day-to-day issues like recurring fights, conflicting desires or sexual drives, or parenting differences. 

Couples therapy is only for couples about to break up

Some couples interpret couples counseling as a last-ditch effort before deciding to break up. The truth is that couples counseling can lead to couples staying together far longer than they could without therapy and to developing a deeper, more intimate relationship than they could have envisioned before entering therapy.

Couples therapy will only make things worse

Couples often fear that talking about a problem will make it bigger and more real, and would prefer to minimize it by avoiding therapy. The truth is addressing a problem with the right kind of support will give you skills, tools, and a a fresh objective perspective on how to move through the problem. Time and again, we see couples not only solve "the problem" but also reap relationship benefits far beyond what they came to therapy to achieve.  

The couples therapist will take sides

People often fear a therapist will judge one member of the couple as "the problem," and nobody wants to be the only one who needs to change. The truth is that a good couples therapist should remain neutral as they help couples navigate expectations, relationship skills, conflict resolution, and self-awareness. Though some sessions may focus on one partner more than the other, overall, couples should leave the course of therapy feeling that both partners' perspectives were heard, reflected, and respected for the benefit of the relationship.



The advantages of getting virtual couples therapy in San Francisco are that it can aid in treating a wide range of relational issues that the couple may not even be aware of, such as a breakdown in communication, passive-aggressive dynamics and responses to boundaries, or poor conflict resolution skills.

Couples are often not sure of therapy’s potential value in enhancing overall relationship happiness, or the impact on their mental health that not addressing relationship issues has.

Schedule a session with one of our licensed therapists today if you are looking for online couples counseling in San Francisco CA.

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